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When looking for the perfect home in Greater Springfield, Bellbird Park, Redbank Plains, Augustine Heights and surrounding areas, you need a real estate agent who listens to your story, wishes, and needs. At Hero Estate Agents, our property managers and real estate experts, led by Mukesh Dubey, are dedicated to finding a house that’s a perfect fit for you and your family. We care about every client’s request and go above and beyond to find a home you’ll love. Our knowledgeable and aware agents work together to select the best location for your new home based on your lifestyle, budget, and family needs. We offer the best homes tailored to your requirements, ensuring you find the ideal property in the Greater Springfield area.

Buy, Rent, Sell

With the support of our real estate agents at Hero Estate Agents, every buying, selling, and renting process in Greater Springfield, Bellbird Park, Spring Mountain, Augustine Heights, Greenbank, Goodna, and Redbank Plains will be as easy as a relaxing walk in the park. If you’re planning to sell your property, we will present it expertly to achieve the best outcome in this competitive market. As dedicated property managers, we excel in taking excellent care of your investment property across all suburbs. Client satisfaction is our priority, making us stand out. No matter where you are in the local area, we are the top real estate agents, providing reliable services and support throughout the entire process. Contact Mukesh Dubey and our friendly agents to find out more about buying, renting, and selling.

Want to buy a Home or interested in selling your house in Brisbane? that’s not a problem with the right partner by your side. Give Hero Estate agents a call, provide us with all the relevant information, and expect to start the new chapter in your life in comfort and style. From modern Homes to lux villas with pool or acreage properties in Brisbane Area – Hero Estate Agents office will gladly help you with your search, all you need to do is call or Email us.

Our Services

We provide full-Service for all your Property needs, Residential Buying -Selling and Comprehensive Property Mangement Solutions that have been created by industry experts.


It is extremely important that the marketing of your property is done in the right way effectively using all available mediums to attract the right tenants. We find the most effective method of marketing property.

Selecting Your Tenant

Prime Residential Property Management will take the time to meet your prospective tenants at the property and show them through personally. We will carry out open for inspections as well as private appointments.

Property Maintenance

Prime Residential Property Management only use only qualified, trusted tradespeople who offer a fast a reasonable service. The invoice will be sent to you with our landlord statement via your online portal.

Managing Late Rent Payments

Unfortunately, despite every endeavour some tenants occasionally fall into rent arrears. At Prime Residential Property Management, we do not tolerate rental arrears; we understand most landlords have financial commitments that need to be met on a regular basis.

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections are conducted on a six monthly basis to ensure your rental property is being maintained. A detailed report along with a list of any maintenance issues or tenant requests for your perusal which will also be made available on your landlord portal. Landlords are welcome to come to Routine Inspections too once a year.

Lease Renewals

We will review your tenancy agreement at least three (3) months prior to its expiration date and review rental amount. You will be notified in writing of our recommendations in relation to a rental increase and new lease based on our knowledge of the local market and area.


Looking to buy a property in Brisbane? Let us do the work & find the best property for you.


Looking to know how much is your property worth? Let us do the market appraisal and bring best value for you.


When it comes to your investment, you need someone who knows the game inside and out. Work with the HERO team that has a clear goal – protecting your investment and getting you the best return.

It's easy to switch to HERO

Tired of your property manager not being accountable? Switch your property management to Hero today and enjoy a superior level of service. By just signing our authority, we take care of the rest – including contacting your current property manager. Enjoy the extra free time by switching your property to us today!

Our Service Guarantee

Hero Estate Agents ensure that you will receive the best property management service possible so we are backing ourselves…

Wealth Creation

We guarantee to assist with your wealth creation… what does this mean? Having an investment property is not simply about collecting the rental from the tenants.

As an investor it is important to ensure that your property is assisting you to create wealth for you and your family.

We will assist you in creating wealth in any way possible, whether that be by added some value onto your property by a small renovation or extension and project managing this for you or simply reviewing your loan to ensure you are getting the cheapest interest rate on the market.

Honest and Transparent Service

We will always offer you honest, open and transparent property management services.

We offer you as a landlord access to an owner portal for you to fully be able to see everything that is happening with your property including how much rental is being held in your account, all your documents including lease agreements and inspection reports and maintenance orders and pending jobs.

This allows you full disclosure with everything that is occurring within your investment property so there are no surprises and no secrets.

Access to the business owner at all times

You will always have access to the business owner. Prime Residential is owned and managed by Melissa Hickson- our passionate property management director.

As a landlord you will always have access to Melissa to answer any queries or concerns you may have regarding your property, or just to have a chat and catch up if you prefer!

Calls and Emails Returned within 24 hours

All calls and emails will be returned within 24 business hours.

Yes that is right, no more wondering if your agent will call you back or when they will ring you.

We will ensure that your calls and emails are returned as soon as possible of course but we guarantee within 24 business hours!

Inspections, Lease Reviews and Lease Renewals on time

Your inspections, lease renewals and rental reviews will be done on time, every time.

This forms part of a normal property management service provided to you by any agent although almost all of our competitors do not guarantee they will be done on time!

This could cost you thousands of dollars if the tenants are not looking after your property well and the job is not being done correctly!

We guarantee that all inspections will be done within the month they are due and all lease renewals and rental reviews will be done a minimum of 60 days prior to the lease agreement expiring! 

Our Reviews


The best representation one could get The team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly. Especially Mukesh, who went out of his way to help us find us the best buyer for the best price. I th ask the whole team and Mukesh for their efforts and wish them the best of luck for their future endeavours.

Verified by RateMyAgent

Good at understanding the real estate requirements and achieving the goals.

Professional, honest and transparent in dealing with us for selling our property.

Verified by RateMyAgent

Honest, diligent, trustworthy, hardworking and a kind hearted person.

I have known Mukesh for a while now, he is a pretty good listener, tries to understand your
requirements and guides appropriately. Mukesh did an excellent job in getting our property out there, provided regular updates, and did oversee the entire process until it transitioned out smoothly. Mukesh was open and honest with our property matters, and was transparent throughout the dealing.

Thanks for your help mate!

Verified by RateMyAgent


Nice local agent

Mukesh is a very nice agent who lives locally. I would recommend him to anyone I know. 

Verified by RateMyAgent

Experience with Mukesh Dubey.

Mukesh is excellent in dealing with buyers, he is polite and can explain every aspect of purchasing properties. We had good experience working with him.

Verified by RateMyAgent


Mukesh gave lot of information regarding investment properties.

He is very transparent and best in real estate.

Interstate Investor

Met with Mukesh and I am so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge, Will highly recommend Mukesh Dubey real estate agent to anyone buying or selling in Redbank area.

Bruce Watson

Who We Help


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and communication ensuring your property is managed as if it was our own. We offer a money back guarantee ensuring you are always satisfied.


In addition to landlords, our tenants are our valued clients – our business would not be possible with them. Every tenant is treated with respect ensuring issues are resolved promptly.

Referral Partners

Looking for a property manager to join your team? Partnering with us will ensure that your network will be treated with the utmost care with effective communication to you and your client.

How We Work


Hit us up with your questions and requirements, and we will create a property management strategy that suits your needs.


No awkward conversations here our HERO team will notify your current property manager and schedule the handover.


Sit back and relax - We will contact the existing property manager and arrange for a seamless transfer of the property to Hero Estate Agents.

Our Team


Mukesh Dubey

Director / Principal

Mukesh Dubey is someone who believes in himself and has a growing loyal client base that has benefited from his wealth of experience in service-based industries over the last 14 years.

He has owned several local businesses like Fuel Stations & Food franchisees as well as giving back to his local community through many not- for-profit organisations in Queensland with his knowledge and time.

He has the ability to converse and to drive sales results, using savvy negotiating skills with focus on personal performance improvement and leadership.

Mukesh Dubey leads, trains and motivates his team by sharing his knowledge and providing supportive guidance to be customer focused and results driven.

He will ensure an efficient complete Service accompanied with exceptional loyalty,along with industry leading advertising and marketing systems and a commitment to negotiating the best possible results, and for this Mukesh is an obvious choice when listing your property.

Having lived locally and with a genuine passion for the area

and community & Through his own experience as a renovator & homeowner,

Mukesh was inspired to become part of the Real estate industry to provide a stress-free approach to property buying and Selling or renting for the local community.

Mukesh is known for his vivacious and magnetic personality, his honesty, kindness and integrity.

He currently specialises in Brisbane western suburbs.

Mukesh will go above and beyond, to provide. His clients the special attention they expect from a professional. He is the father of 2 gorgeous girls.

Mukesh is a Proud member of the Greater Springfield region and Founder of Greater Springfield Indian Association INC. He is also known as Cashy by his nickname.

To ensure your property is in the hands of a down to earth agent with an award-winning team at his hands.

0430 546 255

Shaeed Mohammed

Shaeed Mohammed

Sales Manager

Shaeed is highly motivated, capable, committed, and flexible in his pursuit of helping clients find the best deals.

He demonstrate great attention to detail and persistence in obtaining the best possible price when selling a property and negotiates expertly when a house is to be purchased. His focus is to make his clients feel comfortable in asking as many questions as they need to.

Being devoted to providing an extraordinary level of service, it is obvious that the interests of his clients come first for him.

His years of experience in the industry have helped him forge successful working relationships with all individuals he has assisted.

He has finely honed negotiation skills and the capacity to inspire confidence in others.

Shaeed wants to become the go-to guy for his clients and for that he makes sure that their expectations are always met.

He was a passionate Bank manager and he is a great sales personality agent, So, if you are planning to buy or sell, reach out to Shaeed Mohammed today! — Heroestate

Purvie Dubey

Purvie Dubey

Property Manager

I’m Purvie, your dedicated property manager at Hero Estate Agents. With a passion for real estate and a commitment to providing exceptional service, I’m thrilled to introduce myself and tell you a little more about who I am and what I bring to the table.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been deeply immersed in the world of real estate. It’s not just a job for me; it’s a genuine calling.

What truly sets me apart is my client-centered approach. I believe that the heart of successful property management is building strong, trusting relationships with property owners like you. Your real estate investments are a significant part of your financial portfolio, and I’m here to safeguard and enhance their value. I’ll work closely with you to tailor a management strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique goals and objectives.

Open communication is a cornerstone of my service. I am committed to keeping you informed about every aspect of your property’s performance, ensuring transparency in all our interactions. Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want an update, I’m always just a call or email away.

Being a local resident of greater springfield , I have an intimate knowledge of the area’s real estate market. This local expertise allows me to provide insights and recommendations that are finely tuned to your specific needs and the unique opportunities and challenges presented by our community.

I understand that property management issues can arise at any time, and I’m dedicated to being accessible and responsive. Your peace of mind is my priority, and I’m here to provide timely solutions and support whenever you need it.

I’m excited to embark on this property management journey with you, and together, we’ll work towards achieving your financial goals through effective property management. Please feel free to reach out, and let’s schedule a meeting to discuss your property management needs in detail.

Please feel free to contact me on below details.


Property Manager

Hero Estate Agents


0469 756 575

Gonzalo Echeverria

Gonzalo Echeverria

Media Coordinator

Meet Gonzalo Echeverria, the creative mastermind behind our media coordination efforts. As our Media Coordinator, Gonzalo brings a unique blend of passion, innovation, and expertise to our team. With an early fascination for media, Gonzalo’s journey began in brisbane, where his curiosity led him to explore various media forms, from photography to videography.

Gonzalo’s adaptability is one of his standout qualities. In an ever-evolving media landscape, he continuously seeks out new tools and techniques to enhance our media strategies, ensuring our brand remains at the forefront of digital communication.

His creativity knows no bounds, allowing him to craft compelling narratives that resonate with our audience, whether through videos, blog posts, or social media campaigns. Gonzalo’s meticulous planning and organizational skills guarantee the smooth execution of media initiatives.

Beyond his professional talents, Gonzalo is an adventurer and explorer, infusing his work with unique perspectives gained from his travel experiences. As a dedicated team player, Gonzalo embodies our company culture of teamwork, innovation, and excellence. With Gonzalo leading our media efforts, we’re excited to elevate our brand to new heights.

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